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5 Golden Rules For Giving Great User Experience through Alibaba Clone

Whether it is a well established online marketplace or a new one, you have a continuous struggle to gain new customers and retain the customers. Any online marketplace needs to get more customers for its success and to earn the profit. Various marketplace scripts are existing in the market which is deployed by businessmen around the globe.
One such eminent clone is Alibaba Clone that is developed by ClonesCloud, one of the best IT companies in the market. We have always delivered more than what we have promised to our clients, and they have set on the journey of success through deploying our clone scripts as per their requirements.
Let us now get insights about five golden rules on how our Alibaba Clone Script lets you serve your users with excellent user experience:

1. Building customers’ trust

The seller and buyer relationship are totally based on trust. Once your customers put faith and trust in you, they will be loyal towards your marketplace. This loyalty will result in word of mouth publicity and will bring more potential customers into your online marketplace. So, this is a cycle that goes on throughout the business' lifetime. According to a recent study by Forbes, 81% of respondents indicated that their friends and family directly influence their purchase decisions.

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2. Create and maintain your web presence

When you have your online presence, your social accounts, comments on the accounts, product/service reviews, ratings, etc. everything matters a lot. Your potential customers are keeping an eye on your social media presence to know about your services and your B2B Marketplace Script. Watch out your every step you take that it should not damage your social media presence.
3. Customers love when they are made to feel special

When you surprise your users with gifts, schemes, vouchers, etc. they will love it. You can make them happy by this tactic, and they will feel that they are wanted in your online marketplace. This is a sure shot way to allure the customers to stay with you for a long time to come. This retains your customers into your online business. Your B2B Script Open Source should cater all the needs of the clients.
4. If possible, do not invest in paid ads

You should continuously strive to drive organic traffic towards your B2B Marketplace Script so that you save on that front. Slowly build up your visitors' base and try converting them into customers. Tap the emails to keep connected with your visitors and pitching them on a regular basis. You can even tap the social media to drive traffic to your marketplace.
5. Design and implement an allegiance program

Your loyal users should get something in return for their loyalty. Rewarding their loyalty will take you miles ahead on the road to success. When you reward the customers, they will feel that you have recognized their loyalty towards you and you consider it essential. So, design and implement a loyalty plan to reward your loyal customers. Reward them on their repeat purchases. This will evoke more purchases from them, and even they will spread a word of mouth publicity among their circles, that can be your potential customers.


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Just get in touch with us at and turn your ideas of owning an Alibaba Script into reality. We always deliver much more than what we promise!

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